Bee Tee's Build Page

AFV Conversions and Scratchbuilds

1/35 "Diana", Scratchbuild
1/35 Indian Pattern Carrier, IMA Resin
Sdkfz 232 with PaK 38. Conversion.
38T Morsertrager Scratchbuild
A43 Black Prince Scratchbuild
Straight Flush Radar. Scratchbuild
1/35 Mantis Prototype Scratchbuild
1/35 FV432 Cymbelline. Scratchbuild
1/35 Churchill Mk II
1/35 Australian Landrover Series III FFR. Major Conversion
1/35 Avenger Tank Destoyer. IMA Resin Kit
1/35 Sdkfz 263 Funkwagen. Scratchbuild
1/35 Churchill Bridgelayer IMA Resin Conversion
1/35 Valentine Bridgelayer IMA Resin Conversion
1/35 Priest "Kangaroo" APC

Science Fiction

Mule from Serenity. Scratchbuild
GDI Orca Bomber. Scratchbuilt
Stargazer Models 1/144 Firefly Class
1/144 Blue Moon Tantive IV Blockade Runner
NOD Venom. Scratchbuild
Comet Miniatures Fireball XL5
Stargazer Models 1/144 Orion Spaceliner
1/35 Showcase Bushmaster PMV Zombie Mod
Blap Models 1/72 Last Starfighter Gunstar
Centaur Warrior. Scratchbuild
Stargazer Models -1/48 Bladerunner Spinner Car
Scarab Combat Car. Scratchbuilt
Bunjil Free Trader. Scratchbuild
Post Apocalyptic Traders 1/35
Crash of the Executor - Bandai

What If ?

1/35 RheinMaiden SP AA Missile. Scratchbuild
1/35 1946 Rakette AT Missile Tank
1/35 Urban Abrams - Weapons of Choice
1/35 Recce Chaffee
1/35 1946 Gas Turbine Panther II. Red Gambit
1/35 Sdkfz 234/30 120mm Mortar Carrier
1/72 Valiant with Parasite Gnat - Prototype
1/48 Lockheed XR-38(U) UCAV Concept
1/72 FW-190Z Neu Tech - Weapons of Choice
1/350 HMS Trident - Weapons of Choice
1/72 AEW Lancaster MK XV
1/72 F-111R Stoat AntiRadar
1/35 M3 AP Hill APC
1/35 Hammer Demolitions Vehicle
1/35 Stryker B.L.A.D.S
Battlefield Laser Airspace Denial System
1/35 Panther Bridge Layer, Panzer '46
1/72 Kamov Tilt Rotor
1/35 Aardvark Tank Destroyer
Red Gambit Alt History Series
1/35 ZSU-30R SPAA Platform
1/35 Borgward "Gnitze" AT Guided Missile Vehicle, Panzer '46
1/35 LVT Heavy Mortar Beach Support
1/35 Airborne Carrier Heavy Weapons - 20mm Polsten
1/35 AS-90-AA Heavy AA Missile TEL
1/35 Churchill 5.5Inch SP "Verger"
1/35 Matilda Bunker Buster
1/35 Drone Command and Support Vehicle
1/35 Airborne RCL Bren Carrier